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Freddie Mercury's Most Iconic Moments

Although it's difficult to top Freddie Mercury's incredible voice, there are a few Queen performances that stand out from the others.

Freddie Mercury was probably the greatest rock performer ever to exist. Some performances, though, have a special element of magic; a stunningly unique moment in time.

Here, we examine the five instances in which Freddie Mercury demonstrated his unrivalled stage

1. Radio Ga Ga At Live Aid

Live Aid, which took place in 1985, is unquestionably one of the greatest performances on British soil.

Elton John, Madonna, Sting, Bryan Adams, the Beach Boys, Mick Jagger, David Bowie, Duran Duran, U2, the Who, and Eric Clapton were just a few of the 75 performers who rocked Wembley that day.

However, Queen and Freddie Mercury's outstanding performances truly rocked the stadium, and the singer's live version of "Radio Ga Ga" became one of his most well-known works.

The band's performance at Live Aid has frequently been hailed as the "best live performance of all time," and Freddie Mercury's ringmaster act had the crowd gobbling it up. Mercury performed his life, and the one billion people who watched it live were treated to an incredible set

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2. When He Snuck Into A Gay Club With Princess Diana

Princess Diana with Freddie Mercury. The "People's Princess" and all-time best rock frontman. That would have been quite the evening. But, being one of the most iconic figures in the world in the 1980s and having a burning desire to visit a well-known homosexual bar in London, Mercury set out to obtain her admittance.

He transformed the princess into a real man by dressing her in a military jacket, sunglasses, and a leather cap. So Diana could relax and have a drink while adoring fans surrounded Mercury and his friends. What a welcome shift of gears for her.

3. "We Will Rock You" At Rock in Rio, 1985

The tour included headlining two nights of the famous Brazilian music event Rock In Rio in January 1985, attracting a crowd of 600,000 rapt fans. It also featured lavish stage sets and increasingly stylish costumes.

I Love Classic Rock has referred to Freddie Mercury playing "We Will Rock You" while draped in a combined Union Jack and Brazilian flag and sporting a black mullet as "one of the most spectacular moments in rock history."

Even while the show featured other Queen songs, including "Under Pressure," "We Are The Champions," "Radio Ga Ga," and "I Want To Break Free," it was the 1977 hit "We Will Rock You" that had the crowd in a frenzy.

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4. His Interview Quote When Called An Artist

Mercury did numerous well-known interviews over the years, but this one is possibly the most well-remembered. Mercury was bored with the interview, which took place in Munich, Germany, in 1984, just before Queen's album The Works was released, and he began to joke around with the journalist. Mercury provided a brilliant response when the unfortunate man asked, "How would you describe yourself as an artist?" He said, "I'm just a musical prostitute, sweetheart." A few other performers have probably experienced similar emotions.

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5. 'I Want To Break Free' – Queen Live At Wembley in 1986

Freddie Mercury is at his absolute best in this performance of "I Want to Break Free," which was captured on Saturday, July 12, 1986, while Queen was on their renowned Magic Tour.

The show celebrates Freddie in his prime, a human powerhouse and distinctive showman at his zenith, and was filmed at one of the biggest venues in Europe.

Before Freddie took the stage for "I Want To Break Free," the 100,000-person crowd had witnessed INXS and Status Quo perform as the opening bands. Queen had played jaw-dropping renditions of "It's a Kind of Magic" and "Another One Bites the Dust."

Freddie led the audience through every part of the legendary song as he stalked the front of the stage while brandishing his microphone.

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The lead singer of Queen, who joined his first band at 13, enthralled millions of fans throughout his 25-year career, and his vocals are still regarded as some of the best. Some performances, though, have a special element of magic; a stunningly unique moment in time.

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