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Oasis - Happy 25th Birthday Definitely Maybe!!

25 years ago today (29th August 1994), Oasis released their debut studio album. The LP was an instant commercial and critical success. Following on from the singles Supersonic, Shakermaker and Live Forever, the album went straight into the UK charts at number 1 and became the fastest-selling debut album in UK history. Selling over 2 million copies in Britain, the album went platinum 7 times and was hugely influential in the early 1990s Britpop movement.

It has appeared in numerous greatest album polls topping the 2006 NME poll as the greatest album of all time.

Chair From The Cover Of Definately Maybe

The iconic cover shot was taken by photographer Michael Spencer Jones in Bonehead’s house in Didsbury, Manchester. It featured various influential figures such as Rodney Marsh, George Best, and Burt Bacharach. The TV is also showing a still from the film The Good, The Bad and The Ugly, one of Noel Gallagher’s favourite films. We recently purchased the chair that Bonehead can be seen sitting on and are always looking for items relating to Oasis. We are always looking for rare or unique items of authentic Oasis memorabilia. Please contact us for a quote if you have anything you think we might be interested in.Oasis Definitely Maybe Album Cover Chair From Bonehead’s Flat

The original wicker chair with leopard print cushion is depicted on the cover of the seminal 1994 debut Oasis album ‘Definitely Maybe'. On the cover, Paul ‘Bonehead’ Arthurs can be seen sitting on the chair in the corner of the room. The album cover was shot by photographer Michael Spencer Jones at Bonehead’s house in Didsbury, Manchester. Since the album cover shoots, the chair has been painted grey, and the arms/front legs have been stripped back to the original wood. The chair, which was purchased directly from Paul, comes with a signed letter containing an image of himself sitting in the chair.