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This Week 52 Years Ago Sgt Pepper Lonely Hearts Club Band Went To Number 1

52 years ago this week, the Beatles Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band LP went to number one on the UK official music charts. In the intervening 52 years since, it has spent an astonishing 253 weeks in the top 100 albums. The most recent of those was in November 2018. An incredible 28 of those weeks has been at number 1!

Album Production

Costing (at the time) a mammoth £25,000 to produce the album was the result of over 700 hours of studio time and was the first album ever to print the lyrics on the record sleeve. As a result, the cover designed by pop artists Peter Blake and Jahn Haworth and photographed by Michael Cooper has become one of the most iconic record sleeves. Featuring a collage of life-size cutouts of famous people, The Beatles are seen in colourful costumes as Sgt Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band.

Since its release and the ever-growing rise in popularity of The Beatles, memorabilia relating to the album is now fetching a premium.

Fully SIgned Sgt Pepper Sleeve

A fully signed Sgt Pepper’s Album by the Beatles could be worth in excess of £50,000

Bobby Breen Cut Out From Sgt Pepper Cover

An original cut out that featured on the cover of the album could be worth upwards of £20,000

Sgt Pepper UK Promotional Poster

A vintage 1967 promotional poster for the release of the album could be worth around £1000

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