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We Buy Beatles Autographs


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We would pay the following for complete sets of The Beatles signatures on LP sleeves, depending on the condition: Please Please Me and With The Beatles around £8,000 to £10,000. Signed copies of A Hard Day’s Night, Beatles For Sale and Help! Around £10,000 to £15,000. Rubber Soul and Revolver, in excellent condition, are valued at £20,000 to £25,000. Signed copies of the White Album, Abbey Road, and Let It Be could be worth far more depending on condition, possibly £40,000 upwards.


Suppose you have a copy of Sgt. Peppers signed by all four Beatles in their full names on the gatefold can be worth more than £50,000, depending on the condition.

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Signed Beatles White Album

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An American 1968 stereo pressing of ‘The Beatles’ L.P., commonly referred to as the ‘The White Album’, autographed by all four Beatles on the inner gatefold. The autographs are undoubtedly one of the finest sets ever to appear on a signed Beatles album. John Lennon and Paul McCartney have signed in black pen with John adding self portraits of himself and Yoko Ono, he has also dated his autograph ‘Dec 73’. George Harrison and Ringo Starr have signed in blue pen.

Signed Beatles Please Please Me Album

We will pay: £10,000 - £20,000

A truly fantastic example of The Beatles debut album ‘Please Please Me’ which was released on March 2nd 1963 that has been fully signed by the group. Each autograph is extremely bold, clear and well formed. The autographs were obtained on October 30th 1963 in Stockholm, Sweden when The Beatles performed on a television pop show called ‘Drop In’. We will pay around £10,000 - £20,000 for a signed copy of Please Please Me.

Signed Beatles A Hard Day's Night Album

We will pay: £20,000+

A UK mono vinyl pressing of The Beatles fourth studio album ‘A Hard Day’s Night’ that has been boldly autographed on the reverse by the group in black ballpoint pen. The signatures were obtained by a graphic designer who worked at Granada television studios, Manchester, England on either 1st or 2nd November 1965 whilst The Beatles were recording the programme ‘The Music Of Lennon & McCartney’. We will pay £20,000+ for a signed copy of Hard Day's Night.

Beatles 8"x10" Photos Signed On The Image

We will pay: £7000

These Beatles autographs were signed in the Bahamas between February 23rd and March 9th 1965, during the filming of The Beatles’ Help! They were obtained by a cameraman that was working on the film for his nephew who in turn gave them to his girlfriend at the time. We will pay around £7000 for a photograph signed on the front.

Beatles Autographs Whilst Filming Magical Mystery Tour

We will pay: £5000

A stunning set of Beatles autographs in blue ballpoint pen on a piece of white notepad paper which were obtained in September 1967 at the Atlantic Hotel, Newquay, Cornwall, England whilst The Beatles were filming Magical Mystery Tour. We will pay around £5000 for a clean set of signatures from Magical Mystery Tour. We will pay around £10,000 for a signed copy of the Magic Mystery Tour EP set and around £20,000 for a signed copy of the USA Magical Mystery Tour album.

Beatles Promotional Card Signed On The Front

We will pay: Around £7000

A large format over sized Parlophone Records promotional card that has been autographed on the front by The Beatles in black ballpoint pen. Each signature is very bold and clear. Ringo Starr has added the signatures of Paul McCartney and George Harrison in blue ballpoint pen. We will pay around £7000 for Parlophone Records promotional cards signed on the front.

Beatles Signed Autograph Book

We will pay: £4000 - £5000

A 1960s autograph book which has been signed by John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr in blue ballpoint pen. The signatures date to 1963. Each signature is extremely bold and well formed and typical of the period. We will pay around £4000 - £5000 for a clean set of Beatles signatures all on one page but please note the condition can affect the value.

Photo Signed On The Reverse By The Beatles

We will pay: £4000 - £5000

We will pay around £4000 - £5000 for a photo signed on the reverse by John, Paul, George and Ringo.

George Harrison 1967 Handwritten Meditation Letter

Please contact us for a quote.

A letter written by George Harrison in 1967 to a person living in Blackpool regarding meditation and it's teaching. Please contact for a quote on any letter handwritten by any of The Beatles.

In His Own Write Signed By John Lennon

We will pay: £2000

A copy of John Lennon's first book 'In His Own Write' signed of the flyleaf by the author. We will pay around £2000 for a signed copy of this book and the same for a signed copy of John's second book 'A Spaniard In The Works'.

Beatles Set List For A Concert At Cheltenham England 1963

We will pay: £20,000 + Please contact us for a quote.

The set list illustrated above has been written in the hand of Paul McCartney and signed on the reverse by John and Ringo. We will pay around £20,000+ for any handwritten Beatles set list depending on the condition, content etc.

Paul McCartney Signed 1960s Promo Card

We will pay: £600

We will pay around £600 for a 1960s promotional card hand signed by Paul McCartney.